Our Services


Personal training

 Each of our Personal Trainers are required to hold current National and International Certifications from leading, reputable institutions. When you become a Private Client, you receive customized training to help you achieve the results you are looking. We use various testing protocols, including Poliquin BioSignature Modulation, Upper Body and Lower Body Structural Balance Assessment, and the Functional Movement Screen. Each of these gives us very specific insight and allows us to build a program that is measurable. 

Group fitness classes

Experience strength and fitness in a whole new arena. We take your training to the next level in our high energy group classes led by certified coaches and surrounded by your peers.

Our performance-driven workouts are backed by the science of strength and conditioning. Our strategic methodology is based on long term athletic development for all adults, from beginner to advanced, for the benefit of your sustainable active lifestyle.

Classes are 60 minutes long and start with a dynamic workout to appropriately prepare you for the day's session. The workouts are designed to be tough and effective, taking you to your maximum potential. Every 4 to 8 weeks we cycle through different fitness modalities to potentiate your progression to total fitness.

Nutrition program

 We take a performance-based, holistic approach with all our nutritional strategies. We keep it simple, clean, and easy. When you consider how many "diet" plans and options that are out there, it is confusing to understand which one is best for you. Let us take away all the guessing work and help you create a realistic system that actually works for you. 

Body Composition Testing

 Our Personal Trainers are certified by the Poliquin Institute to use their unique testing protocol, BioSignature Modulation. This method is based on a 12 site skin-fold analysis that will help you identify possible hormonal imbalances that may be causing you to gain and hold on to excess body fat. Once tested, we can create a specific plan using nutrition and training to achieve incredible results. 

Upper Body & Lower Body - fiber type testing and Structural Balance assessment

 Have you ever started a new program but a nagging injury kept you from pushing harder? Do you feel like you have low endurance or just not enough power to play the sports you like? Let our Personal Trainers take you through a full body exam to help you identify what might be lagging. We can help you overcome old injuries, as well as reduce the risk of new ones. Also, using our Fiber Type Testing, we can formulate a training program that is specific to your muscle fiber dominance.

I have been using The Walking Rovers since they trained my husky, Cyrus, as a pup. Cyrus is now five years old. The faces sometimes change, but each dog walker and sitter has been consistently compassionate and diligent.
— Corinne Mafnas