3 drills to increase speed & quickness

 Speed is everything. In both life and sport, your speed is a quantifiable display of mechanical and organizational efficiency. But just because you're fast, doesn't mean your quick. 

 What's the difference?

 We can all agree that it is impressive to watch NFL players break 4.3 seconds on the 40 yard dash. As impressive as that is, what is even more impressive is watching that player decelerate, change direction, then re-launch at the blink of an eye. That's quickness!

 These drills are in order by progression. Start with the first drill: Crossover to Base Up. Learning how to launch then mechanically decelerate is the first step to increasing quickness. 

 The second drill is based on reaction time. The Crossover to Crossover to Base drill teaches you how to launch, decelerate, react, then re-launch and decelerate again. 

 The final drill, Lateral Shuffle to Sprint, brings you more to game-time speed.

 Use the first two drills as part of development and specific warm up. Make sure you take adequate rest between sets and that you alternate directions of launch and turn. Always start with your non-dominant side, and make sure you don't over-fatigue. Remember, the longer your foot is in contact with the ground, the slower you become.

 Train hard. Train smart. Have fun. Let us know what you think!