The scoop on our new pre/post-workout nutrition

preworkout nutrition

Pre-workout nutrition:

Increase energy and accelerate fat loss

After much research and our own personal experimentation, we are happy to announce the newest products in our nutrition cabinet. These products are designed by the experts over at Poliquin Group, who is known for their leadership in education, as well as standards of practice. These are products and people we trust! (NOTE: Please seek supplement and nutrition advice from one of our certified Poliquin BioSignature Practitioners prior to starting)

Here is a brief overview of the products and what you can expect:


GlycoCarn PX

Research suggests that supplementation with GPLC may have the following benefits:

  • increased muscular endurance
  • increased recovery ability
  • increased fat loss
  • improved blood flow to working muscles

The GPLC contained in GlycoCarn Px also has antioxidant properties and may lower blood fats known as triglycerides!



Rise is composed of nutrients that support the body's ability to adapt to the biochemical requirements necessary for increased performance during a workout regimen or exercise program. Rise promotes hydration, nutrient balance, protein anabolism, and pH balance, all necessary to maintain focus and sustained energy levels, especially for intense training, but can also benefit those participating in moderate exercise.


Whey Stronger 2.0 w/ Organic Raw Cacao

"Smaller size for on-the-go convenience! Whey Stronger 2.0 uses high quality whey protein produced in New Zealand from milk provided by New Zealand dairy cows. The milk is harvested from cows that graze on pesticide and chemical-free natural grass pastures. This Whey Protein isolate meets the New Zealand Food Safety Authority (NZSFA) regulations. It has been tested for antiobiotic residue by NZSFA laboratories.

This product is free of Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone (rGBH), which is not approved for use in New Zealand. Whey Protein contains naturally occurring immunoglobulins, which are powerful physiologic factors that help support and maintain a healthy immune response. Poliquin Whey Stronger 2.0 is minimally processed so that the proteins remain undenatured, soluble, and have the utmost physiologic activity and benefit. It is 99.5% lactose free.