High School Lacrosse: Off-Season Strength & Speed Camp starts in December

High School Lacrosse

Off-Season Strength & Speed Camps will be starting soon in December. These performance training camps are specifically designed for High School athletes, boys and girls ages 15-18.

These camps will be offered privately for individual teams, and not general open access. Doing so allows our Coaches to develop unique development strategy that is appropriate for each age group and team, as well as any Coaching Staff of the Team.

We use principles based on the long term athletic development model that allow us to design and implement highly effective performance training for athletes. 

All camps will train and educate your high school lacrosse athlete in the following topics of sport and competition:

  • Dynamic Warm Up and Game Day Specific Preparation
  • Explosive Power and Speed Development
  • Safe & Effective Resistance Training Methods
  • Nutrition for Maximum Performance
  • Injury Prevention and Dynamic Warm-Up
  • Mental Resilience Methods for Excellence in Competition

Overall, your athlete will walk away with redefined vision of his or her athletic and leadership potential. Rates are based on each Team's needs and total number of participants. 

Contact us today for more information and to set up a facility tour:


Dallas Cowboys' Brandon Carr: Pre-Season Strength and Power Training

We are nearly one month away from the first week of NFL pre-season games! Our Dallas Cowboys will face the Los Angeles Rams in Week One. This off-season, we had the opportunity to work with the starting cornerback, Brandon Carr! Coach Ron Incerta and Coach Felipe Gutierrez worked with Brandon on his speed, power, and strength. Here is a quick clip from this morning's two and half hour training session: