results driven strength training programs 

Our Group Fitness Classes are designed by our Certified Strength Coaches, with a focus on maximizing human performance.

We use practical methods, including Powerlifting and Weightlifting, as well as various other forms of functional strength training. Our toolbox includes kettle bells, barbells, dumbbells, as well as StrongMan equipment.


We emphasize the following:

- Strength

- Power

- Speed

- Flexibility/Range of Motion

- Coordination/Technical Skills

- Mental Resilience and Endurance


Whether you are new to the iron game or consider yourself a semi-pro exerciser, you are welcome to come give us a shot. Fair warning, do not be late to class!


MONDAY - 5AM | 6AM | 12PM | 5:30PM | 6:30PM

TUESDAY - 5AM | 6AM | 12PM | 5:30PM | 6:30PM

WEDNESDAY - 5AM | 6AM | 12PM | 5:30PM

THURSDAY - 5AM | 6AM | 12PM | 5:30PM | 6:30PM

FRIDAY - 5AM | 6AM | 12PM 




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